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Motifs for "Tower"

R41 Captivity in tower (castle, prison). R0 - 99 : Captivity.
J2328 The moving church tower. To see whether the church is moving someone lays down his coat in front of it. It is stolen. They think that the church has passed over it. Type 1326; Köhler-Bolte I 324; Christensen DF L 218 No. 79. J2300 - 2349 : Gullible Fools.
B172.10.1 Innumerable birds (black birds) fly into and out of tower (steeple) of fire. Irish: Cross. B170 - 189 : Other Magic Animals.
D2004.9.1 Forgetfulness caused by Tower of Babel. (Cf. †F772.1.) Jewish: Neuman. D1950 - 2049 : Temporary Magic Characteristics.
R211.1 Giant breaks from tower prison. Dickson 130 n. 102; Japanese: Ikeda. R200 - 299 : Escapes And Pursuits.
R41.2.1 Slandered wife is locked in tower for forty days. If no champion appears, she is to be burned. Former suitor rescues her. Spanish: Childers. R0 - 99 : Captivity.
Q415.2 Mice devour hard-hearted man. (Hatto and the Mouse Tower.) (Cf. †Q291.) *Fb "rotte" III 83a; Veckenstedt (Veckenstedt's) Zs. f. Vksk. I (1888--9) 364ff.; **Beheim-Schwartzbach Die Mäusenturmsage von Popiel und Hatto (Posen, 1888); *Wehrhan Die Sage 51; *Liebrecht 1ff.; Jewish: Neuman. Q400 - 599 : Kinds Of Punishment.
F772.2 Metal tower. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
Q465.1 Throwing into pit of snakes as punishment. *Type 403; BP I 99ff.; Krappe “The Snake Tower” Scandinavian Studies XVI (1940) 22--33.-- Icelandic: *Boberg; India: *Thompson-Balys. Q400 - 599 : Kinds Of Punishment.
F848.1 Girl's long hair as ladder into tower. Rapunzel. *Type 310; BP I 99; Fb "hår" IV 241b; Jacobs's list s.v. "Ladder of hair"; Italian: Basile Pentamerone II Nos. 1, 7. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772.2.4 Tower of glass; melts in sun. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772.2.1 Brazen tower. Liebrecht Zur Volkskunde 89f. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772.2.6 Flying tower. Jewish: Neuman. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F941.3 Tower sinks into earth. F900 - 1099 : Extraordinary Occurrences.
D1365.9 Tower causes magic forgetfulness. (Cf. †D1149.) Jewish: Neuman. D1300 - 1379 : Magic Objects Effect Changes In Persons.
F772.1.2 Tower reaches moon. Africa: Stanley 121. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772.1 Tower of Babel: remarkably tall tower designed to reach sky. Arabian: Basset 1001 Contes I 179; Frazer Old Testament I 362ff., Jewish: *Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
T381.0.2 Wife imprisoned in tower (house) to preserve chastity. Italian Novella: *Rotunda. T300 - 399 : Chastity And Celibacy.
F58 Tower (column) to upper world. *Holmberg Baum 9ff., 33ff. F10 - 79 : The Upper World.
J1941 How far his voice will reach. A numskull cries from a tower and then runs away to see how far his voice will reach. *Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin II 191 No. 373. J1850 - 1999 : Absurd Disregard Of Facts.
F163.7 Tower in otherworld. Patch Other World 384 s.v. “tower”. F110 - 199 : Miscellaneous Otherworlds.
H1338 Quest for axe which sticks in beam outside a tower. *Fb “økse” III 1171b. H1250 - 1399 : Nature Of Quests.
K1465 Blinded slave's revenge. Threatens to jump from tower with lord's children unless lord blinds himself. Lord does so but slave jumps with children nevertheless. Wesselski Theorie 16; *Krappe Archiv f. d. Studium d. neueren Sprachen CLX 162ff. K1400 - 1499 : Dupe\'s Property Destroyed.
S110.3 Princess builds tower of skulls of unsuccessful suitors. Malone PMLA XLIII 414; India: Thompson-Balys. S100 - 199 : Revolting Murders Or Mutilations.
D1149.2 Magic tower. Jewish: Neuman. D900 - 1299 : Kinds Of Magic Objects.
M372 Confinement in tower to avoid fulfillment of prophecy. Type 932*; Köhler in Gonzenbach II 222; *Wesselski Mönchslatein 91 No. 77; Chauvin V 253 No. 150, VIII 105 No. 80; Irish: *Cross; Russian: Andrejev No. 932*; Spanish Exempla: Keller; Italian Novella: *Rotunda, Basile Pentamerone III No. 3, IV No. 6; Jewish: Neuman. M300 - 399 : Prophecies.
H1114.1 Task: securing three eggs from top of glass tower. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule. H1000 - 1199 : Nature Of Tasks.
T381 Imprisoned virgin to prevent knowledge of men (marriage, impregnation). Usually kept in a tower. (Danaë.) *Types 310, 516; *Krappe Balor 2ff., 11 nn. 38, 39; *Hertel Zs. f. Vksk. XIX 83ff. (chest on water); *Rösch FFC LXXVII 103, 107f.; *Krappe Le Moyen Age 96ff.; *Loomis White Magic 119. -- Irish: *Cross; Italian Novella: Rotunda; Greek: *Frazer Apollodorus I 153 n. 3, 154 n. 1, *Hartland Perseus chap. 1; Babylonian: Spence 157; Jewish: *Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys; Korean: Zong in-Sob 5 No. 2; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 277 n. 21b; West Indies: Flowers 578. T300 - 399 : Chastity And Celibacy.
C771.1.1 Wicked man constructs tower neither too large nor too high. (Santa Barbara.) Der Heiligen Leben u. Leiden (Leipzig, 1921) 101ff. C700 - 899 : Miscellaneous Tabus.
C771.1 Tabu: building too high a tower. (Tower of Babel.) Hebrew: Genesis II 3ff.; Frazer Testament I 362ff.; Jewish: *Neuman; Hartland Science 221.--Esthonian: Loorits Grundzüge I 453 f.; India: Thompson-Balys; Indo-Chinese: Scott Indo-Chinese 266f.--Maya: Alexander Lat. Am. 132; Aztec: ibid. 96.--African (Kaffir): Kidd 237 No. 6; (Ashanti): Werner African Myth 124. C700 - 899 : Miscellaneous Tabus.
F163.7.1 Tower hanging in the air in the otherworld. (Cf. †H1036.) Icelandic: Flateyjarbók I 33, *Boberg. F110 - 199 : Miscellaneous Otherworlds.
J2711 How the tower was built. Fool gives three explanations: (1) It was formerly a deep well; dug up and set out; (2) it was built by a very tall man; (3) it was built flat on the ground and then set up. *Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 243 No. 27. J2700 - 2749 : The Easy Problem Made Hard.
K17.2 Contest in jumping from the church tower. The devil is not to look behind him. The man runs downstairs (or otherwise cheats). Type 1075*; *Bolte Frey 222 No. 19. K0 - 99 : Contests Won By Deception.
F772.2.3 Golden tower under sea. Irish: Cross. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
J2133.6.1 Measuring the tower by piling up hampers. They place hampers on top of one another. The fool has them take out the two on the bottom. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 141 No. 1703, Espinosa III 147; Africa (Ashanti): Werner African 125. J2050 - 2199 : Absurd Short-Sightedness.
F772.1.1 Year taken to mount high tower. Jewish: *Neuman. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F941.3.1 Unfinished Tower of Babel sinks into earth. (Cf. †F772.1.) Jewish: Neuman. F900 - 1099 : Extraordinary Occurrences.
A963.8 Hill as unfinished tower built in the likeness of Nimrod's tower. Irish: Cross. A950 - 999 : Land Features.
F772.2.4.1 Tower of glass in midst of sea. Irish: *Cross. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772 Extraordinary tower. Irish: Cross. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
Z71.6.4 Nine materials used in building Tower of Babel. Irish: *Cross. Z0 - 99 : Formulas.
K1212 Lover left standing in snow while his mistress is with another. He later tricks her into standing a whole day in July in a tower naked exposed to the sun and flies. Boccaccio Decameron VIII No. 7 (*Lee 258); Italian Novella: Rotunda. K1200 - 1299 : Deception Into Humiliating Position.
H331.1.2 Suitor contest: riding to fourth story of tower. *Type 530; *BP III 112 n. 1. H310 - 359 : Suitor Tests.
F451. Dwarfs build tower. Dutch: Sinninghe FFC CXXXII 54 No. 51. F400 - 499 : Spirits And Demons.
R41.2 Captivity in tower. *Type 310; Dickson 198 n. 8; Irish: *Cross; Italian: Basile Pentamerone II No. 1, IV No. 6, Rotunda; India: *Thompson-Balys. R0 - 99 : Captivity.
K1346 Hero flies to maiden's room. Enters her tower by means of artificial wings (or on flying horse). *Type 575; BP II 134 n. 1; *Krappe Balor 11 n. 40; India: *Thompson-Balys. K1300 - 1399 : Seduction Or Deceptive Marriage.
F772.2.2 Towers of steel, silver and gold. Jacobs's list s.v. "Towers". F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
F772.2.5 Dolorous Tower. Irish: Cross. F700 - 899 : Extraordinary Places And Things.
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