Chapter Breakdown:

Motifs for "Crossroad"

E501.17.3 Wild hunt powerless at crossroads. Schweda 32; Plischke 32, 37; RTP XX 163. E400 - 599 : Ghosts And Revenants--Miscellaneous.
G273.5 Witches powerless at crossroads. Fb ”korsvej“ II 277. G200 - 299 : Witches.
E434.4 Ghosts cannot pass crossroads. (Cf. †E431.16, †E431.17.) Fb “korsvej” II 277a. E400 - 599 : Ghosts And Revenants--Miscellaneous.
E431.17 Criminals buried at crossroads to prevent walking. (Cf. †E434.4.) Wales: Baughman. E400 - 599 : Ghosts And Revenants--Miscellaneous.
A2473.1.1 Why dogs leave droppings at crossroads. India: Thompson-Balys. A2400 - 2499 : Causes Of Animal Characteristics: Appearance And Habits.
D2161.4.3 Cure by passing through earth at crossroads. Kittredge Witchcraft 31, 386 n. 66. D2150 - 2199 : Miscellaneous Magical Manifestations.
N772 Parting at crossroads to go on adventures. *Type 303; *Ranke FFC CXIV (motif †B2); India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Graham. N700 - 799 : Accidental Encounters.
E501.12.3 Wild hunt appears at crossroads. Schweda 13; Plischke 61. E400 - 599 : Ghosts And Revenants--Miscellaneous.
D935.0.1 Magic earth from crossroads. (Cf. †D1786.) Seligmann 151. D900 - 1299 : Kinds Of Magic Objects.
E431.16.3 Suicide buried at crossroads. (Cf. †E434.4.) England: Baughman. E400 - 599 : Ghosts And Revenants--Miscellaneous.
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